Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 6 - 10, 2009 - Spring Break....

We didn't do much on the 6th and 7th. The kids and I just hung out. Tim had to work. On the Wednesday, the 8th we ventured out to Northern Georgia to see the beautiful Minihaha Falls. It was only an hour and a half drive. And this is the beauty we got to enjoy.

Hiking the short trail to the falls... One of Trina's hair bands broke. So she has a funny hair do.

Tyler, Kenna and Katrina...

The end of the trail...




On the Thursday the 9th we ventured to 6 Flags over Georgia. It is a 35 minuet drive from our house to 6 flags. But not on this day! It ended up being a 4 hour journey. Traffic was so bad! We spent 3 ours in traffic going to 6 Flags and the worst part for the kids was that we could see the park and people on the rollercoasters the whole 3 HOURS! As we sat in traffic. Poor Kids! After we finally got there, we spent 1 1/2 hours in a ticket line. By the time we got in to the park, we only had 3 hours left to play. We got to ride 2 rides and then went home. UGH! Suprisingly, we got season passes so we can go back whenever we want. Hopefully it isn't ever that bad again.

The kids dreaming of going on those rides sometime today...

The constant TRAFFIC!!!

FINNALY here. Waiting to go on Tunder River...

The kids and Zack Peterson...

Waiting patientlly with smiles

Can't beleive we waited 90 minuets to get wet on a 60 degreee day. I got the most wet but I had to take the pic. Sorry Tim, I didn't mean to cut your head off. Or maybe I did since you were the one that talked me into going on that ride. :o)

The boys went on Superman while us girls waited. I whish I could go. But don't think the baby would really appreciate that.

There they are...what, you can't see them?

Friday, the 10th we spent 1/2 a day baby sitting for the Petersons so they could go to the temple and then we switched and we spent 1/2 a day at the Temple for stake temple day while the Petersons watched our kids. It was so neat to be able to do that. After the temple Tim and I went to Costco for dinner and dessert and to get food for Easter dinner. We got stuck in costco because of a TORNADO!!! IT WAS CRAZY!!!! IT was so loud Tim could not hear me talking and I was standing next to him. It was quite an adventure! When we thought all was calm, we hurried over to the Petersons to get our kids. They were so scared. Tyler kept calling me asking if we were ok. They were in the basement at the Petersons. On our way there it started up again. IT got really windy and it started HAILING on our CAR! I was so afraid it was going to leave dents all over the car. But it didn't and we safely got to our kids. Our friends the Whites were at Zacksbees (a restruant) and got stuck in a back room. Some other friends were at Kroger (fry's) and got stuck in the freezer. Come to find out the tornado touched down right outside of our neighborhood. YIKES! I'm glad we weren't home. But everything was fine.
Saturday, the 11th we got brave and decided to try 6 Flags again. We left at 8 am and got there before it opened. No traffic at all. It was great! Because of the Tornados the day before and the weather (it was a cloudy day) it was not busy in the morning. We got to go on Lots of rides and left a 1pm when it started getting busy!

As you can see from the sky. It was really cloudy. But soon after the sun came out and it was a really nice day.

Tony brought Katrina to me because she was soaking wet and in tears. There wasn't a dry spot on her body. Poor girl. But Tim, Kenna, Tyler and Zack went again...

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