Monday, March 19, 2012

Our NEW Home here in Georgia!

Well all, we did it.  We decided to buy a home here in Georgia.  This doesn't mean that we are not planning on moving back to Arizona.  We are still hoping to some day.  But we feel like this is where the Lord wants us right now and we want to enjoy our time here a little more by owning our home instead of dealing with a CRAZY or (like our current situation) a LAZY and CARELESS landlord who has a key to my house and feels he can show up whenever he feels like it and has no regard to privacy and no ambition to quickly fix anything.  Ugh!!!  PLUS a basement is more comforting when the Tornado sirens are going on outside.  Anyway,  we are looking forward to owning our own home.  We move in at the end of this month.  Just in time for Tim's mom to arrive to watch the kids for a week while Tim and I take a 7 day Eastern Caribbean Cruise!!!  We are so excited!!!  Here are ALL 36 photos of our NEW home we just purchased. :o)


 Standing at the front door looking into the house at the formal dining

 Living room
 Formal dining
 Family room
 Family room 2
 Again!  I love the windows!
 The Kitchen!!!  I LOVE my kitchen!!!!!
 And the BIG island!!!
 Rod Iorn railing
Bedroom 4 up stairs
 Bedroom or loft
 2 closets on each side and a bathroom straight ahead
 down the hallway to the other bedrooms
 Bedroom 2
 Walkin closets in all bedrooms
 Bedroom 3
 Master bath
 Master bath
 Master bath
 Master bedroom
 Master bedroom looking into bathroom
2,500 sq. ft. of an unfinished basement.  We are going to add 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, a game room, a play room, a storage room, a work shop and OFCOURSE our own home movie theatre with a wet bar.  SO excited!!!  Let the fun begin!!!
 We are going to have so much fun finishing this basement

 This is our future movie theatre!  Can't wait!!!

 Back porch
 Back of the house
 No, that is not in my back yard... but it is down the street and is our community pool.
 Tennis anyone?
 This is showing our current house and the house we are moving to.  Yes, we are giving up a huge yard but we are gaining so much more!  Like a basement!  When it is Finished, it will be AWESOME!!!  Both Tyler, Kenna, and Katrina's best friends live in our current cul-de-sac but they can walk through their back yard to the cul-de-sack where we are moving to, to still see them!  They are very happy about that!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm a Mormon

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tyler Piano

Here are the songs Tyler enjoys playing most and the two from his piano recital. The other recording at his recital didn't turn out very well but hopefully these do. And YES, I know the piano is out of tune. :o) Woring on finding someone to tune my mom's piano.

Sar Wars - Imperial March

Star Wars teaser....

Zip-a-de-do-da from Song of the South or better know from the ride Splash Mountain at Disney.

Star Wars Main Theme Song - He's still working on learning this one....

More Tyler Piano

These two are from his Piano Recital in May 2011


Pink Panther...

Monday, May 16, 2011

When I go running....

This is a beautiful spot where I go running.  Most of this path is covered in trees on both sides but this spot is a little more open with a big field on one side.  I love it!!!  This is at 6:30 am when I was out running with Tim.  The fog in the field looked cool....  Sorry they are a bit blury. I took the pic while running.  I didn't want to stop.

We be CRUSIN'!!!!

I know I am a little out of order.  I posted a bunch and then forgot about the Temple open house and Easter and my CRUISE!!!  How could I forget to Blog about my Cruise with my girlfriends???   Well.... I guess that shows how busy I have been lately.  Anyway.... I came home with a TON of pictures!!!  I will try to just give the highlights. 

I went crusin' with 11 girls/wives/mothers from our ward/area.  We had something like 24 kids betwen all of us at home.  What great husbands we have. We had lots of fun!!!

My first Sushi!  I loved it!!!  It didn't have raw meat in it though.  I still wont do that.

Reading the Hunger Games.  So awesome!

 I think I gained 5 lbs. just looking at this dessert.  Yum!!!


 Our fun group...

 So many cute shoes in this group.  Had to take a pic of them... :o) haha!