Friday, September 26, 2008

Hurricaine IKE

For the past two weeks all extra things that have to do with church have been cancelled. From Scouts to Preisthood meeting and everything in between... because of the gas shortage. They are trying to help us concerve gas. This weekend was supposed to be the Daddy Daughter Campout. Kenna and Katrina were so excited to go and roast their PINK Marshamellows. As of yesterday morning the campout had not be cancelled so after I made applesauce with some girls in my ward (YUMMM) I went ahead and went to the store and got some stuff and then drove aroud town looking for gas. I found a Kroger that still had gas. There was a BIG line but I waited. By the time I got to the front of the line they said they were going to close soon cuz the gas was just about out. CRAZY! Luckily I was able to get a 1/2 of a tank of gas (which filled my car). It has been like this for the past two weeks. Every gas station that has gas has a line and they are usually out by noon or early after noon. Most gas stations have yellow tape and are closed. In our ward in AZ they suggested to always keep your tank atleast 1/2 full and to go refill before you got below 1/2. We have tried to do that since then. I filled up the day before the gas ran out last week. And there were several days where nobody could get gas. It was such a stress releiver and a great comfort to know I was prepared and able to go a coupple weeks with out getting gas. Had I been close to "E" or running on "E" like I used to always do... we would have been stressed and soon been in alot of troubble. The curch knows what they are talking about when they say be prepared! Something big may not happen but it sure will be a big releif and stress releiver to know that in a crisis, no matter how small, you are prepared and will be ok and can survive for a coupple weeks on the gas in your car or the food in your pantry. By all means, I am not saying "Look at me, Im great, I was prepared" That is the furthest from the truth. I have been lazy about having a good year supply and 72 hour kit. I never thought I would be the one talking about how I was actually prepared for a crisis. Even though it is a small example, it has opened my eyes to the importance of being being prepared. Anyway, we got an e-mail last night saying they cancelled the campout. BUMMER! It is understandable but a BUMMER!

Update: A few still wanted to go camping, so a family close offered their property for camping. So Tim and the girls still went camping. They were so excited! I will get pictures up soon.

Many gas stations look like this...Closed

This is the line I waited in at Kroger... (One of two lines)

They have people out keeping everybody moving the right direction and making sure no fights broke out. (it was happening)

The sign on the gas pump...

This is what we are paying for gas right now... $3.99


Sheri said...

That is so crazy! I can't even imagine having to worry about that. I guess I better work on not always driving around town on empty.

thepetersonfive said...

The good things just keep adding in Georgia!!!! HAHAHAHA