Thursday, March 13, 2008


Someone got to the house we wanted first. What a disappointment! I GIVE UP! I not getting excited about anything until it is done! Really it's my fault. I get all excited about something too soon and it leads to disappointment. We know the Lord has a plan for us. I need to learn to not rush it. It will all happen in his time. Things keep changing and that is driving me nuts! I know it will all work out in time and be for the best, but I hate the un-known. I want to be able to plan what is happening next week or next month. But we are living week by week not knowing what to plan because things keep changing. Oh well. That is the way life is going to be right now. Our hold up right now is our house in QC. Our hands are tied until we get rid of that house. As soon as it is out of our hands we can move to Georgia and buy a house and get on with life. So that is our hold up right now. It's not that I am so excited to leave AZ, it is that I just want to get on with life. Im really going to miss AZ. I am very greatful that we are going to be here for Easter! There has been some good to the delays in moving. Im not trying to complain....just venting. Thanks for listening....until next time.


SheriBee said...

Hey Shay, I'm so sorry things didn't work out with the house. I was really excited for you too. I can totally understand the frustration with the unknown. And vent away, everyone needs to vent sometimes. You're in our prayers, I hope everything falls into place soon. Love, Sheri

Anonymous said...

Shaylene..Just in case you hadn't heard....Georgia is the best place to buy right now....The market there is more of a buyers market than here....more foreclosures more short sales....don't worry you will find your dream home no problem.