Sunday, March 23, 2008


Tim rented a Convertable Mustang while we were in Georgia. He says I am spoiled. He really wanted to rent the Mustang too, so he is spoiled too!!! Sadly it was way too cold most of the week to even put the top down while we were there. We had it down the first day... then it snowed the next day and was cold all week. It warmed up a little on Friday so on our way to the airport we put the top down. We just had to use it even though it was still 50* outside. And the reward I got from it was a doubble inner ear infection and swollen tonsils. Wahoo...... We decided we needed pictures to remeber the one time we got to drive a Mustang, so we stoped in the Costco parking lot and got pictures of eachother. SILLY!

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