Saturday, March 29, 2008

CALIFORNIA! 3-15-08 to 3-19-08

This was a great Spring Break!!! We went on a much needed vacation! We enjoyed every bit of it. (Accept the driving home late part.) :o) Our original plan was to jump in on the Petersons plans and spend two days at Seaworld and one day at the beach but then we all decided to do one day at Sea World and two days at Disneyland which was so much fun! But, we allready booked our hotel in San Diego and we couldn't change it (priceline) so we drove an hour in the morning to get to Disneyland and then an hour at 12:30 at night to get back to our hotel. We were praying each night to make it safely to the hotel. We got home each night about 1:30 or 2 AM!!! SCARY! But, it was worth the drive! The kids had a blast and so did the Adults and it was much cheaper than gong to Disney World. We will have plenty of time to do that later....

THE BEACH!!! 3-15-08

All ready to go to the Beach!

BURRR!!! The beach is cold! Petersons & Palmers on the Beach

Tyler & Zack Peterson before they got plowed over by a big WAVE!

Katrina isn't too sure about the ocean
Tyler after he got plowed over by the WAVE! Zack got soaked too but they left cuz he was cold and not happy he got wet.

Tim and Tyler, running and playing in the water. Since Tyler got wet, they figured they might as well get more wet and enjoy it. Even though it was really cold! I could feel my ear infection coming back because of the cold wind blowing in my ears.

The beautiful sun set before we left the beach.
So much FUN!

Sea World 3-16-08

The kids got drenched on the water rapids. BURRR!!!
Kenna got to feed the dolphin & pet the dolphin
Tyler got to feed & pet the dolphin
Katrina was a little reluctant but liked feeding & touching the dolphin
Tyler fed the Sting Ray after a $1 bribe.
Kenna touched the sting ray.
The Shark encounter
A Star fish
More Starfish

Tony sprayed Tim and the kids as they were coming down on the rapids ride.

DISNEYLAND 3-17-08 & 3-18-08

Back to Front: Zack & Tony Peterson, Kenna & Tim, Tyler & Shay

Back to Front: Tim & Kenna, Shay, Zack, Tyler & Two people in front that we don't know.
Back to Front: Kenna & Tim, Tony, Parker, Zack & Monika Peterson
Tyler, Zack and Kenna got chosen to go up on stage for the Star Wars JEDI Training.
Kenna looks so proud of herself
Tyler, Zack Peterson & Kenna with their Star Wars JEDI Training Certificate.
Katrina & Kenna on the Tea Cups

Katrina, Kenna, & Tyler on the Tea Cups


We actually got a Family Pic... Right after we got soaked on a ride of course!

Tower of Terror - Tony, Tim, Kenna, Shay - Tim & Tony's Favorite Ride

So why can't I get this picture to rotate???
Does Kenna look tired???

Tyler is all about JEDI now. He got a Light Saber.


King Family said...

It looks like you all had a blast! Driving late at night can be scary especially after a long day. We're glad you made it to / from safely. Hopefully you were able to get so R&R too.

Jaymie and Donna Jones said...

Ok so the 3rd picture down of Trina not being to sure of the water is awsome it totally looks like a proffetional picture with the ocean and sunset and the way she is turning her head. What a pretty little model!!!!

SheriBee said...

Aww, that sounds like it was such a FUN trip! It totally makes me want to go again. You have some really great and beautiful pictures, I just love 'em! I'm glad you made it home safe.

Morris Mama said...

Glad you could have some fun times in Cali! Wish I was there!

Jan & Ben said...

Those are beautiful pictures of the beach and cool pictures with the dolphins. That's something the kids won't forget!

Kim said...

What a fun trip! And you got some cute kids there!! Love, Kim