Wednesday, February 27, 2008

House Hunting Trip

Our house hunting trip went well. We found a house that we LOVED!!! It is a re-sell. Ready for immediate move in. Although "immediate" is a relitive term. It is more like 2 months. Anyway, It was incredible! The back yard was more amazing than the other. It was HUGE and it was level so our kids will actually have good large place to play. There is still forest behind it but it is forest as far as you can see. The house is up on a hill so we can can look off the deck and see forest, forever and ever. It is so cool!!!! I love it even more than the other. It has a cool sun room and a two sided fireplace going from the family room into the sun room. It is so cool!!! It has one bed room and a full bath on the main floor (great for guests. Hint, hint!) plus 4 bedrooms a huge loft and 3 full baths up stairs and then 3 bedrooms and a bath in the basement. With a huge room for a movie room! I am very excited and very glad we looked again. We are wanting to put an offer on it. I hope we can get it. Either way, we are moving from Arizona to Georga on the 24th. We were going to go the week of Tylers spring break. The 17th and go to DISNEY WORLD first and then end up in Georgia after that on Saturday the 22nd. But I realized that is Easter weekend and I can't leave Easter weekend. So we are leaving after easter on Monday the 24th. We are going to go to San Diego on the 16th & 17th and Disneyland on the 18th and 19th and then come home for a few days to see family before we leave for good. We are going to live in a little furnished apartment in Georgia until we get everything squared away with the house. It takes alot longer to buy a house than I thought. Tim's company will pay for the apartment for 1 Month so that will help. Hopefully we will only have to pay for 1 more month. Anyway, I am really excited. Things are gong well.


Jan & Ben said...

I found your guys' blog from Nate & Lona's. What a beautiful home! I hope you guys get it. I can't believe you're moving so soon...good luck with the move and have fun at Disney World!

King Family said...

We're so happy for you! Enjoy Disney World too. You deserve a vacation. Moving can be quite stressful.