Saturday, June 20, 2009

We found a house.

We are moving 4th of July weekend. Ugh! I am not excited. I have no Idea how we are going to do this. But, we are. I don't care if it puts me into labor early, I just don't want to go into labor too early and have something happen to the baby. I am really nervous about that. We are going with the house that is still in our ward. YAY! Call me spoiled, but I couldn't live in the other house that Tim wanted. There was just too much that was icky too me. The biggest thing was the kitchen and it was really small and icky. The kitchen in the new house is small too. But I can deal with it. At least it is clean. It is a 4 bedroom 3 bath (the 5th bedroom is the retreat off of the master bed room). That is a good amount of space for us. I've been spoiled in this house. It is so nice and spacious, I love that part. But, that is also the problem. It is too big for me. I am going nuts having to go up and down the stairs ALL DAY LONG!!! We will still have stairs but no basement. So one less set of stairs. So anyway, here are some pictures of the house we are getting....


Kitchen looking into "formal dining"/play room. No, it is not that color anymore. It is painted cream.

"Breakfast nook" I call it the dining room since the formal dining room I am using as a play room.

Family room

Retreat/Baby room (Scrapbook room) off Master

Master. looking into master bath

Girls room

Girls room again

Office/Guest room on Main floor -Tylers room up stairs looks about the same.

Back Yard

Cul-de-sac, I just found out that the house directlly across the street from us is the Strouds house in our ward. They have a boy Tylers age. YAY! He will be so excited!


Greco Family said...

That is a nice house. I love the look of it. Are you renting or buying? Good luck! I hate moving.

pawlowski said...

Wow, lots of changes!! I think the house looks very cute! I love the styles there. I know what you mean though about being spoiled, I had a hard time getting excited about moving here, but it is so much better to have something more affordable and easier to maintain. I'm sure it will be an adjustment. It looks like a great house though. Good luck!, baby soon! How exciting!! Hope everything goes well, and hope your dad gets well soon. That's got to be so hard!!

Chrissy Beach said...

Oh I am so happy for you guys!! That is awesome! It is gorgeous and good timing for you to get in before baby #4! I think Georgia is just gorgeous. How fun for your kids!