Sunday, November 25, 2007

No News, Is Not Good News...

Okay, so I got tagged by Cresta. I know, I need to update my blog. I know it has been a while. I have been waiting until Thanksgiving to update, we were supposed to have news on Tim's job by Thanksgiving. But they had some last minuet changes come up. So we don't have any news yet. We are hoping this week.
Tim was home the whole week of Thanksgiving. It was SO great to have him home for the whole week. We got some MAJOR decluttering done! Im so excited! He is so WONDERFUL!!!
He left this morning (Sunday) back to Georgia. I think this week will go by really fast because I am going to go Georgia Friday morning. I will be busy all week getting ready to go. Im excited!
Well that is all I have for now. Below are some Thanksgiving photos. And we had Treasure Goates take some family pictures for us. She is so GREAT!!! Enjoy!

This is what happens when you play on the treadmill with 2 other boys. Thanksgiving morning Tyler and his cousins were playing on Grandpas treadmill and they got going too fast and he fell. He skinned his knees and ankles. OUCH!!! He is VERY lucky it wasn't worse. I have seen worse! Like amputation, worse.

The front half. Our traditional Thanksgiving Hayride. We used to have a old rickety trailor and bails of hay. And it was pulled by an old John Deere tractor. My dad has gotten modern on us. It's still fun.

The back half of the Trailor.

Kenna in the middle and her twin cousins Alison and Kimberly Flake. Yes, they live in Snowflake.

For 20+ years. It is tradition for the kids to jump off the trailor (with out notice) and grab something and then run and catch up and jump back on the trailor. There isn't much to grab anymore. We used to have an open desert behind us and they would grab beer bottles or rocks to throw at the beer bottles or whatever. Now it is the 202 freeway, so all they have to grab are Oranges off the trees. Which is fun to sit and eat them after jumping back on the trailor. Tyler was following the example of his cousins and jumped off. But he got too far behind trying to get an orange. This is him running, trying to catch up. He ran a good mile before he got worn out. He is the one in the middle of the pack in the blue. The others were allready back on.

Tyler made it on the trailor this time. But he did get a head start. He's a fast runner too. My brother was also on the back helping him get on. Thankgoodness! Although Tyler did have a near death expirience when a car was coming very fast down the road as tyler was jumping off he tripped and fell on the ground and the car barley saw him in time a swerved to miss him. My brother said he froze and was thinking oh no, here we go, he's gonna get hit. All he could do was scream "Tyler, get up! Tyler, get up!" Im so glad I was on the opposite side of the Trailer and didn't see it happen. I would have died! I swear he has angles around him.

Yes, Mommy and Katrina were on the hayride too.

A fun Idea for a picture. It turned out cute.

I stole this Idea from Heather Darger. Her's turned out cuter but hey! This pic. was actually by accident. I was trying to get some cute ones of him smileing and then he looked over at something Katrina was doing and I took it.

Im so impressed! Can you beleive we allready have our christmas decorations up? Usually the lights don't happen at all. But this year they did. I think its because Tim knew he isn't going to be around during the week so he had to get it done when he was here. And he is acutally going to be gone the next two weeks. And wont be home this weekend because Im going there. So, he really had to get it done. YAY!!!


Morris Mama said...

I'm so excited that you get to go to Georgia! If any one deserves a fun trip, it's you!

n!c said...

your lights look great!!