Thursday, November 1, 2007


I'm sorry I havent updated in a while. We are all still doing good. No new news on tims work. We still dont know if we are staying or going to Georgia. We are told we should know something by Thanksgiving. If not sooner. Tim is traveling now. He is gone 5 days a week to Georgia and he comes home Friday night and leaves again on Sunday night, every week. He basiclly lives in Georgia and comes to visit us on the weekend. The Petersons and I are flying out to Georgia on the 29th to see Tim and to do some looking. As soon as we know something, we will post it. Below are some Halloween Pictures. Enjoy!

Our Family at The Palmer Family Party. October 29th 2007 Cousins - Chloe Cardwell, Kenna, Tyler and KaylieRae Cardwell 3 mermaids, 1 spiderman.
Katrina (an adorible witch), Kenna (a mermaid) and Chloe (a mermaid)
Tim being cute as usual. I was tired of wearing my hat so I gave it to Tim.
Before Trick or Treating - Halloween Night

Tim has so much fun at work. His assistant brought him a costume to wear at work. She sent me the pictures from it. What a hoot!!!! Sumo Tim, kicking back... Is he taking a NAP?????
Sumo Tim, hard at work...with his superman cape on. :oD


johnsonteammom said...

Cute Cute Cute!! Glad you're back, I missed you. I feel your pain with Tim gone. When I had 4 little ones, Ben used to leave on Monday morning and fly home on Friday night. It was hard to be mom and dad and crazy enough, it was hard for him to have any authority on the weekend cause all he wanted to do was have fun with the kids. All I wanted him to do was get them away from me. I'm over it now, but hopefully you won't have to do it for 2 years like we did.

Morris Mama said...

Let me know if there is anything I can help you with while Tim is gone. Dale travled a lot and it wasn't fun in the least! Love the sumo costume!!! Your precious kids look like they had a ball!

The Arizona Blake Family said...

I love the costumes! It looks like the kids and Tim had fun for Halloween! How crazy you must be going with not having Tim there during the week! Your always welcome to come visit us :)

Whetten Family said...

Alright, I need that insane asylum sign for my front door, but it would be up YEAR ROUND! Looks like you guys had fun on Halloween!

Katie said...

Your pictures are great! I can't wait to here the outcome of Geogia! How do you survive with him gone that much?! I would die!

Heather & Jamie Darger said...

Oh Sister...I hope you are surviving, I can help to. CALL anytime. Nights were ESPECIALLY hard when I went through the same thing. I about - oh wait I DID- lose it during that period of our lives. Dont stretch yourself to far. Call for back up!