Thursday, December 31, 2009

Charlie the Elf

This year we had an Elf from the North Pole stay with us. He arrived after Thanksgiving. Kenna named him Charlie Katrina called him Elfie and Tyler went with whatever (and Katie doesn't know the difference). They were so excited to have this Elf in our home. They did better at keeping up on their chores and tried to be on their best behavior. They were always excited to wake up in the morning to see what the Elf had done that night while they were sleeping. The girls adored Elf and took turns holding him tight at night while falling asleep. It was hard for the elf to escape their arms each night but he managed to get away too play. One night Kenna left her Lego's out and he had fun building with them. One morning he left a trail of ornaments on the ground and was found at the top of the Christmas tree. We even discovered that he is quite the ladies man. He was found having tea with Minnie Mouse, Tinker Bell, Ariel and Jenny (Kenna's doll). He also got all tied up in moms garland that was decorating the hand rail going up the stairs. It looked like he was swinging from it - like a vine. Silly Elf. On Christmas eve he had to return to the North Pole but left a letter with his report of what he observed in our home and told them that he thought they deserved to be on the nice list and left each of the kids a present to open. It was lot's of fun having Charlie the Elf or Elfie in our home. We look forward to seeing him next year.


pawlowski said...

That is funny, you'll have to tell the kids that we also had an elf, Emmet. He was pretty tricky and could jump to the craziest places. :)

Chrissy Beach said...

What a cute idea! We might have to try that next year!