Monday, July 28, 2008

We are in the FINAL stages!!!

Tim went to AZ this past weekend. He met the moving truck at our storage unit in Queen Creek on Saturday. They loaded it all up in the "Big Truck". They had 3 guys not including Tim and they got it all done by 1pm. Only 5 hours! They told Tim that if they loaded our Storage unit, that we would have only had to use one unit. Oh, that would have been really nice!!! (I wish they offered that service.) Anyway, they only filled 1/2 of the huge orange Allied truck with our stuff. I'm SUPRISED! They have to go load somebody else from Tim's work Today (Monday) and then they will be on their way to GA. I guess we were supposed to be on the same truck as the Petersons but I guess the family they loaded before the Petersons took more room than expected or something like that, so they didn't have room for us on their truck. Tim enjoyed time with family. It worked out perfect that it was his Mom's Birthday on Saturday. So they did lots of fun stuff. I wish so badly that I could have gone. (Next Time!) Tim came home Sunday night. We move into our house on Friday with the stuff we have. The moving truck wont be here until next Monday or Tuesday. Here are a few pictures...

The Big Orange Truck!

One of our empty storage units.

Dinner with Tim's family. This is how Tim's brother Darell paid his tip. (A tower of dollar bills) In the picture is Tim's Older Sister Lynette and Daughter Jessica (she's kenna's age) and brother-in-law Lance Baldwin. (They came down from Jo City)His nephew Trevor Palmer and His dad at the end of the table with 1/2 his face cut off.


Sheri said...

I'm so excited for you!! You'll have to take more pictures of the house when you get settled. And I love the money tower, that is too cool!

Brian and Shawntel Ashcroft Family said...

I love the tip! that is halarious! So tomarrow is the big offical day of move in for you! I am so excited for you. I just can't wait to see your house and see all the fun things. What an exciting time. It will be so nice to have all your stuff back. It has been a LONG 8 or 9 months with out it... To long I know! I want my stuff back but it is sitting in Utah... I have a long time until that happens.