Wednesday, December 5, 2007

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!! In Sugar Hill, Georgia!

Our house is 70% complete so it isn't all pretty yet. It still needs the floors and appliances, and the stair railing isnt stained yet, the paint needs to be touched up, landscaping, ect... We close on our house February 28th, 2008!

Our House on a hill! In Sugar Hill, Georgia.
The back yard view from our master bedroom window. We have a 1/4 acre. The back yard goes all the way to the way back to the creek. We will own part of the creek!!! :o) Soo Cool!
The other half of our back yard. Tyler will love climbing this rock wall! Our wall goes from the color change behind Tim (the highest point of the wall) to a little behind where I am standing. Formal dining room. The floors are not in yet. We are getting hard wood floors through out the entire main floor.
Across from the dining room is this room. The living room.
The kitchen. It has a HUGE walk in pantry in the hallway behind the kitchen. Im so glad Im not loosing my big pantry. :o) Granite Counter tops. Not my choice of color for the counter tops but they are allready installed so I cant change them. :o( They are ok. They look better when they are not so dusty. They arent granite either they are silo or shilo or something like that. It is supposed to be better than granite because you dont have to treat them.

the wall between the kitchen and the family room.

The fire place and stairs going up. The stairs to the basement are under the stairs going up, behind that wall.

Master bath. Tub and Shower.

Master Bath. Sinks. Toilet room door on right middle door is a small linen closet and the master closet is the door on the far left next to the mirrior.

Our Master bedroom. Doubble doors going into the bathroom. So cute!

Stairs going up. I love that they break and turn. And I love the BIG window. The railing still needs to be stained. It will be a cherry finish to match our kitchen cabinets. There are 4 bedrooms up stairs.

The main big room in the basement. The door to the back yard is in the far back corner on the right. It is a VERY long room. Perfect for MOIVIES!!! I guess in georgia, if you dont have Termites you will soon have them so the green on the bottom half of the walls is the termite treatment.

One of the 3 framed in rooms in the basement. This is one.

A small storage room. You can see the stairs on the far left. There are 2 more rooms and a bathroom behind this one.


Cresta said...

Love Love Love it!! Houses there have so much more character than the ones here. How Exciting!

pawlowski said...

I love it Shayleen. It looks beautiful. You guys must be so excited. We are so happy for you guys.

Morris Mama said...

Shayleen that house is beautiful! I am soooo happy for you! What a fun adventure!

Sara said...

WOW I don't visit your blog for a week and come to see there are two new updates and you're moving to Georgia!! I'm so happy for you and Tim and your family. How do the children feel about it? Are they excited? Your home is BEAUTIFUL!!! It looks holy cow gigantic!! How many bedrooms are in there? You said 4 upstairs then 3 in the basement, so that's 7 right there. WOW!!! Awesome for more kiddos or Christmas at your house for all the extended family!!!

Whetten Family said...

Wow, that will be so beautifuL! LUCKY! Imagine it all decorated for the Holidays next year! WonderfuL!

American Mom in the Netherlands said...

Shay, your house is so beautiful. I love the colors. I love the rooms. It is so awesome. I am so happy for you. How very exciting. Which town is it in?

Nathan and Lona said...

I love the house! I'm so excited for your new adventure! Thanks for the updates.

johnsonteammom said...

Wow! It is so pretty! I'm so happy for you.

RyDeb.White said...

Your house it super cute! Congratulations! March is going to come so soon, let us know if you guys need any help:)

Bryan, Michelle and Nash said...

it's huge!


see you monday!

Stacia said...

I love the house! Why can't houses in AZ have that look. I agree with Cresta...tons of character!