Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Tim worked ALL DAY SATURDAY to get this done for me. He is amazing!

Getting the shelfs in.
Katrina has her shopping cart and is shopping in mommy's new pantry.
soo cute!
Tim's baby... He built this food rotation system for me. It holds 120 #10 cans. It works awesome!!! Where trina is sitting will be more shelfs and the freezer. I forgot he still has that to do. :o) So it is ALMOST done.


Katie said...

Wow! Sweet pantry! I'm so jealous! I love it!

Becky J. said...

Fabulous!!! I love the pantry, we have to be way too creative with food storage at our house!

Bryan, Michelle and Nash said...

cool! hey and congrats on the baby!!!

johnsonteammom said...

Where did you build the pantry? I want one!!! Do you hire him out??