Monday, July 16, 2007


We have been very busy this last weekend. July 13th we started to remodel our house. Not that it really needs it. But, since we decided not to move to a bigger house, I told Tim we needed more storage space. Here are a few pictures of our Remodeling. They got alot done in the past two days!!! I will update with more when it is all pretty and painted.

This is what it looked like before we started. I loved the big open room but some of it was just wasted space to me.
Tim's out cutting wood for the Framing.
Tim and Sean had the walls up in about 45 min!!! I was so impressed!
Tim and Don (our neighbor) Tim's screwing in the drywall.

This is the room with all the dry wall up & it's first coat of tape and mud.

Tim and Sean putting on the second coat of mud.

while the boys were busy working on the other room, I came in the bathroom and started working on our other project. I riped out the walls around the tub. We currentlly have a seperate shower and tub. I decided the tub was wasted space too. So, we are going to rip out the shower and make it another closet and our tub will be a shower with two shower heads. I don't ever use my tub. I don't have time to sit and relax. Otherwise I would keep it.

We will have a shower head on each wall where the holes are.

What Tim will look like in a few years with a full head of Gray hair. Tim's covered in dust from sanding the walls. After you apply the first layer of mud and it dries you have to sand it and then apply another layer of mud and wait for it to dry and then sand it and then another layer of mud... you get the point. It is a long process.
What I will look like with gray hair. (in 30 years of course ;o))
Our bathroom before we ripped out the shower.
What a MESS!!! Getting the shower out was a BIG PAIN!!!
Applying the glue and tape. That glue really STINKS!
Sanding and getting ready for the second coat of mud. - This is where I have been spending most of my day for the past coupple days. Kenna came and asked me why Im always in here. I told her I am trying to get it done so I can have my shower and bathroom back. :o)

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Becky J. said...

Shayleen I found your blog! I'm very impressed with the remodel! I really want to come and see it all finished! Ok, so I'm glad that I found you, I'm going to add you to my friends on my blog! Hope you don't mind!
Oh, and seeing the pics from Arkansas makes me miss it! Oh and congrats on the promotion for Tim! That's awesome!