Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Arkansas Trip - June 2007

After we arrived in Arkansas we had some time to kill so we thought it would be fun to take a trolly ride around down town Little Rock. The kids loved it.
Tyler, Kaitlyn, Brianna and Kenna. They all managed to squeeze in that one seat. You can see Brian & Shawntel (my sister) in the back left corner and Katrina and I in the back right corner.
Tyler, Katrina and Kenna outside of our Hotel room in Arkansas. It was so green and beautiful EVERYWHERE!!! What a nice change from Arizona. And for some reason Tyler doesn't like to look at the camera anymore. He is going through one of those phases. :o)
Tim loves to play any sport! He had so much fun playing touch football with the cousins that he's never met. (He did know a coupple of them.) He is in the middle in the brown shirt and tan shors running. He kind of blends in.

There are beautiful creeks and lakes everywhere in Arkansas!!! This one was just down the road. The kids had fun playing in the cold water.

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