Wednesday, May 23, 2007

'Natural Bridge' - Father's and Son's Ward Campout. 5-18-07

On their way to Strawberry for the campout they stoped to check out Natrual Bridge. They said it was really cool.

Tyler jumping from Rock to Rock. He is so active!

Tyler loves rock climbing. He goes with his dad sometimes. This is real rock climbing and was a little harder. But he was so excited after he did it.

Tyler at the top of Natrual Bridge.

This is a friend of ours, Kouwende Cann and his son. They rode up with Tim and Tyler to the campout. They all had alot of fun!

A cool view. Kouwende and his son relaxing and enjoying the view.


The Arizona Blake Family said...

your kids are getting so big! How fun to spend time with daddy! I love this blog thing!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys i just wanted to say hello , the baby is as adorable as they get. I really miss you guys I hope you have a blessed holiday and new year.

The Cann Family